Joel Wisneski

9+ years of experience in Product Design and Design Research


Cart and Checkout

A new way to shop online and save products for later

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CX Design
Usability testing
Responsive design


Redesigned mobile app

A new way to manage policies, money and claims

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Design system


Credit card

Build credit and catch up on bills without a credit check

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0 - 1 Product

Uncovered key moments, opportunities for our next quarter and overlapping work between 5 product teams by leading journey mapping exercises and translating insightsto a shared visual resource

Translating research insights to design prompts for our 4-person design team by synthesizing past research, interviewing customers, building surveys and analyzingusability test results

Senior Product Designer

Provided better product education at the right time to boost card spending by 21% and reduce customer service calls by 55% for a 0 - 1 cash advance product on a super-savings themed mobile app (Android / iOS)

Migrated our customer service experience and designed a self-solve flow to provide customers with answers for 41 questions across travel, savings and fintech products

Designed and launched a flagship credit card product from start to finish for a mission driven, Series-C Fintech improving the financial situations for 300,000 customerswith bad credit

Mapped workflows, screens customer journeys and institutional knowledge with Product Managers, Engineers and Leadership while defining the go-to-market plans for a 3,000-customer pilot test

Defined a flexible navigation model by collaborating with a fully remote team of Product Managers, Engineers, Legal and Leadership for iOS, Android, and web apps with an 89% customer satisfaction rate

Established the design process, design system and communication with engineering stakeholders across 6 separate initiatives and was the sole designer during a period ofProduct leadership changes

Increased conversion by 217% in 3 months by introducing a Save for Later feature on a responsive e-commerce website informed by 200 hours of customer research, customer interviews and rapid prototypes

Realized $100 million in sales with a user centered approach to an e-commerce Cart and Checkout experience by collaborating with Product Management, Engineers, Researchers, Content Designers and Business Stakeholders

Partnered with Product Managers and Business stakeholders to establish a strategic vision, define a direction and prioritize iterative projects after pivoting from a 2-year redesign project to smaller, iterative experiments

Increased the app store review from 3.3 to 4.5 stars for a Fortune 100 insurance app (Android and iOS) while budgeting time and resources for a billable design team

Managed relationships with 120 stakeholders across Business, Product, Design and Engineering while leading a 6-person Agile design squad

Built a design system to maintain consistency across 3 designers and 7 engineering teams as the product scaled the app from an initial release to a company-wide initiative