Joel Wisneski

Senior Product Designer

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii

I am a thoughtful and intentional Senior Product designer with 8 years of experience at an E-commerce giant, a Fortune 100 insurance company and two Series-C Fintech startups.

I have a Master's Degree in HCI, I've led multiple flagship products and most recently I built a credit card experience for a mission-driven Public Benefit Corporation.


Some of my most successful products

The Possible Card

Possible Finance ● iOS / Android app ●2022 ● Senior Product Designer

The Possible Card dashboard on an iPhone

We built a credit card to break the debt cycle

How do you build credit when you have no score or your score is less than 600?

How do you cover an unexpected expense between paydays if you don't have an emergency fund?

67% of Americans can't cover a $400 expense and 35% have a subprime credit score. Collectively we pay over $120 billion in interest and fees each year. That's a huge problem.

Hard work for good people

Possible Finance is a Series-C fintech startup on a mission to make finance fair for underserved communities. Possible was also the first Public Benefit Corporation to launch a credit card in the United States. Cool, huh?

Our team developed a new and novel approach to automatic payments. They're aligned to your payday. We helped our members build their credit beyond 600 and have money for a rainy day. If they couldn't pay back on time, they could split their entire statement into 4 payments.

Customer satisfaction score
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Cart, Checkout and Save for Later

Kohl's ● Responsive web ●2021 ● Senior Product Designer

The Kohl's Cart and Checkout on a phone

We redesigned the entire transaction experience

For two years we tore down and rebuilt the foundation of what every Kohl's customer would see and, hopefully, few would notice. I created a modular e-commerce experience for one of the largest retailers in America. The work we did is core to the future of Kohl's and a great story of a cross-functional team dedicated to the customer.

We spent hundreds of hours talking to customers and hundreds more talking to stakeholders. We defined a massively simplified version of the checkout experience.

We proved it would work by launching small experiments. Then we built it.

$100 Million
Sales increase
Conversion increase
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The new Kohl's Checkout on a laptop

Nationwide Mobile App

2018 ● iOS / Android app ● Product Design Lead

The Nationwide App Dashboard on an iPhone

We launched a flagship insurance app

I was the advocate for the customer, collaborating across 7 development teams with a short budget and very little time.

I led a small design team while we built a new app from a blue-sky vision. Our design team operated like an agency, our hours were billable and I had to prioritize our deliveries.

4.5 ★
1.2 ★ App Store increase
120 +
Stakeholders across 7 teams
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Possible's Customer Service Tool

2021 ● Responsive web ● Senior Product Designer

Before launching our credit card, I spent my time at Possible talking to our customer service agents and updating their internal account management tool.

I used the same discovery and connecting methods as many other design projects. What we built was a much more sustainable and functional experience for one of the most important teams.

Nationwide's Design System

2018 ● Design System ● Product Design Lead

While scaling our app from 1 engineering team to 7 teams, I built a design system and shorthand. Rather than designing full screens, I could draw a sketch and the engineers could start on the flow.

This helped as more designers started to work on the app and we scaled up our impact.


Balancing the big picture and the small changes

My design processMy design process

But that's the simplified view

Every project is unique but these are the common pillars of my design process. Think critically, make intentional changes and get feedback from customers.

1. Build connections

2. Understand the systems

3. Trust the Subject Matter Experts

4. Be critical of assumptions

5. Talk to customers

6. Do good

7. Be intentional

My résumé

8 years of product design experience

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I've designed and launched products to help customers buy products, insure their stuff, manage their finances, save money and build credit. Most of my experience is in the Retail and Fintech space but I'm looking forward to solving all kinds of complex problems.

An illustration of my design process and how a North Star vision changes over time

Design with a North Star in mind

Start with a vision that guides the project to some greater purpose. It's not a contract but a direction that the team, and the stakeholders, can get behind.

Learn by doing

After prioritizing and delivering some of the efforts, we can be critical about the vision. What works and what doesn't? More importantly, why?

Refine the strategy

Building a North Star vision doesn't mean pausing work. It's about consistently moving and discovering the path forward with stakeholders and customers.

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